The Museum of Mourning Photography and Memorial Practice collection is not intended for morbid fascination, but as an investigation into human ritual. The collection’s focus is on how photography, a tool as well as artistic medium, preserves memory as an expressive cultural document. Our mission is to collect, showcase, preserve and disseminate information pertaining to all facets of memorial photography.  The collection is a resource for both the anthropologist and artist alike.


The Museum of Mourning Photography & Memorial Practice (MoMP) was founded by Anthony R. Vizzari as part of A&A Studios, Inc. MoMP owns and protects over 1000 mourning photographs and negatives, circa 1860 to present. With a modest budget, the Museum actively acquires new items on an ongoing basis. In addition to photography, there is also a small archive of pertinent literature and memorial ephemera. It is the goal of the Museum to keep this type of photography accessible to the public. At this time, the Museum’s Collection is not available online.

MoMP is a small private collection made available for viewing by appointment only. The collection is located in Chicago, Illinois. At this time, the collection may only be viewed by limited appointment, Mon-Thursday. (2-3 week advance scheduling may be necessary). Please plan accordingly. To make arrangements to visit the collection, please email: mail@aastudiosinc.com. (No phone calls please – allow for 24-48hrs for reply)

Cost to view the collection: $100.00 : (1) hour collection viewing for 1-4 people.  The viewing will be provided by the owner, Anthony Vizzari, who will give a hands-on display of the collection.

For larger groups or research projects, please email for fees.

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